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How you think and feel impacts your success, your mindset leads and actions follow.

We empower you to do that life-changing work. You invest in your life, gain powerful knowledge giving you an incredible opportunity to thrive in your own business or organisation.

Through our coaching together you can learn:

Cutting edge tools and practices, employed by leading women that you can immediately go out and use with your clients, teams and for yourself.

Gain a rich understanding of the variety of self-development support there is available.

Connect to a deepened sense of purpose and a renewed inspiration for what is possible for you and your career.

We want to help you meet your full potential, and genuinely change the lives of the women who you work with, your colleagues and your organisation.

Life is a series of transitions. Large and small. Joyful and painful. It is how we choose to navigate these transitions that define our life. Through this work, you will learn to journey through your leadership without losing yourself, learning how to become and remain grounded no matter what is happening around you, to find and stand in your authenticity.

Our one to one coaching service helps you to create a more meaningful understanding of leadership, your team and how you want to deliver more tangible results in your role.

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About our business

Our business was founded with a single mission in mind: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting group to support women to reach their potential. 

Leaders with nails is a global business with clients from Oregon in the US to Jersey in the Channel Islands.  The Roadmap* we share is a strategy for success globally. 

We help you to stand in your power, to be the women you want to be. To run your own business or work in your organisations, feeling empowered to fulfil your dreams. To lead authentically with your clients or teams liberating their potential – deepening your consciousness, increasing your impact on the world, helping you to become aligned with who you want to be in the world.

Are you ready to stop wasting time and doing things the hard way? Prepared to upskill and create the possibilities for your future, willing to achieve your goals you keep putting off until you are ready? Now is your time to stop worrying about what others think and pick a lane for success.

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About You 

Your Road to Success

You are on a mission, to prove to the world that you can achieve outstanding success, to prove to yourself and others how far you can progress your career. You already have experience or expertise in your field. Still, you aspire to do something more, You feel determined to be financially independent, to save, invest and protect yourself by creating a thriving business or career.


You are at a crossroads and are not sure what's next? Many of my clients have been promoted and feel slightly out of their depth. Many are coaches and entrepreneurs setting up their own business. They are specialists in their field but need a business mindset to flourish and create abundance in their income.

Whatever has brought you here- You know you can develop further with some support.

Our coaching strategy is a synergy of support. 

The six months includes set pillars of support - taking you on a personal development journey, fortnightly coaching, together with you - implementing work in between. We work together over the six months journey of transformation with a specific outcome focused on what you want to achieve. 

Designed to fill, you with confidence, equip you with tools to adopt winning behaviours, learning to overcome your fears, embracing your values and strengths elevating you to achieve your potential.

With a business mindset, you will be creating challenging action plans with consistently and achieve the results you want, both personally and professionally.

Ready? I would love to get to know you.  If you are not available for coaching, do subscribe below.  I will share free resources, which will support you on your journey in the meantime.


My Coaching Story

I love what I do, working together, we can create boundless possibilities. I thrive on helping clients achieve transformation, seeing them step up and take life-changing action.  Ultimately making sure that what is most beautiful and unique and authentic in every person gets fully expressed, helping you to become the leader or businesswomen you are meant to be. 

I have been a Certified Professional Mindset Business  Coach since 2016, before that I was a Bank Manager for 23 years.

The essence of our work is to help clients to identify the core challenges and setbacks in their work and life so that they can overcome them with confidence. 

I know how to help women remember what's at their core to live life to the full. And I would love to help you if you are ready - do get in touch. 


Work with me on a 1-2-1 basis

Prepare Plan & Launch your career

Career Coaching

From £60 an hour - get in touch for a quote. 

Together we will follow a proven plan for success.
Career Coaching includes helping to prepare you for life as you transition through the unknown territory of being made redundant or changing roles. 
Together we will explore what you want to do next, ensure you have an outstanding CV.
I will walk you through how to set up and create a standout profile on LinkedIn and help you to create your brand exploring what represents the person you want to portray.
Ensure you are interview ready with practice interviews and STAR stories to share your expertise. 
Explore the job market, networking, connections and headhunters or agencies, looking at what's best for you and your career.
You can look after your wellbeing with the six week mental fitness program and app included for FREE in this program

Diamond Leadership Package


From £2950/6 months coaching package.

EASY PAY £1500 deposit and 5 months at £300

I share a proven fast-track roadmap* strategy to support you to become the leader you want to be, to achieve success in your organisation. 

My focus is always on achieving the desired results for my clients by enabling them to take the approach that suits them and their business while equipping them with tools to save time, make money and

Elevating their mindset to:

  • Build personal resilience

  • Overcoming self-doubt and boost confidence

  • Giving and receiving feedback and criticism with impact and results 

  • Manage your inner critic and overcome your fears of managing authentically as a women.

  • Learn the TGROW model to successfully coach your teams

  • Explore your own limiting beliefs and saboteurs and understand the impact of limiting beliefs in your organisation.

  • Negotiation/Mediation within organisations

  • Optional mental fitness program and app to connect with your sage mind.

All designed to save you from the pitfalls of being a female manager within an organisation.

Create more freedom and less stress.

I fiercely believe these tools are worth every penny to your organisation.

Whatever support you need, do get in touch to see if I am the right leadership coach for you. 

Leadership Mentoring Package


Prices vary starting £150 a month


Competence. Confidence. Credibility.

Are you ready for the next stage of your career? Unlock your potential and realise your ambitions.

  • Great for your personal development

  • Fantastic ROI for your organisation

  • Prepare to step up to a bigger leadership role with new tools 

  • Benefit from mentoring throughout your learning journey and fortnightly coaching 

  • Master difficult conversations with the skills to persuade and influence others

  • Build a network of inspiring female leaders

  • Hone your identity to steer your career in the direction you desire.

Is it right for you?

For female leaders and managers 

Accelerate your career through an immersive learning journey led by Kaidi Bowen.

What you learn:

Build the basis of your leadership career.

  • Learn world-class leadership skills based on cutting-edge research and best practice.

  • Hone your ability to communicate with, influence and persuade your colleagues, teams and superiors.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and craft an authentic future-facing identity.

  • Expand your network and understand how to gain and leverage support

  • Create a personal action plan to achieve your goals.

  • Learn to coach and empower your teams and lead creating a coaching culture.

Kaidi Bowen is trained and certified by CTI, and a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. An Ex Bank Manager with over 20 years experience.

Offering a unique coaching program designed for women. You are individual, and everyone has different circumstances and needs. That's why we make our Professional Leadership mindset package as flexible as possible.

As a facilitator for Tara Mohr's "Playing Big" leadership model, Kaidi utilises the extensive toolbox to help female leaders, lead powerfully and authentically. Topics covered include fear, dealing with praise and criticism, inner critic, negotiation, self- discipline, procrastination, confidence and motivation. 

Focused on your transformation and achieving the results you are ready to execute. Exploring your beliefs, based on neuroscience and future-focused to complete your path to success, the six or twelve months working together will fundamentally change your leadership approach and success.

Do get in touch today to have a chat and see if we are a good match to work together.

The corporate package starts from as little as £1600 and payments can be made with with easy pay - you can pay £1000 upfront then £100 monthly all packages are priced individually - a three months service is also available. 

Price on application - 6 or 12 months coaching available.

If you can't find a package that looks perfect for your needs? Or, If you would rather have a bespoke package for you? Get in touch and we can talk details.


Leaders with Nails 

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