I'm a Professional Certified Executive Coach and trainer.  My mission is to find your hidden potential and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow.

I was an award-winning Bank Manager for 23 years before training to become a  Co-Active coach. (CPCC)

If I had known what I know now during my banking career, it would have escalated my career ten-fold.

I am willing to guarantee as long as you put in the hard work and do the daily app, together with this leadership training it will enhance your leadership performance and productivity.

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Leadership Packages 

Changing leadership for the better

A proven fast-track roadmap to support you to become the leader you want to be, to achieve success in your organisation. 

My focus is always on achieving the desired results for my clients by enabling them to take the approach that suits them and their business while equipping them with tools to become the best leader. 

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Diamond Package including ground breaking Optional mental fitness program and app to connect with your sage mind.

Leadership Growth through proven training modules, coaching and Mentoring in one package

Every leader's needs vary, but our core pillars include:
Building personal resilience
Overcoming self-doubt and boosting confidence
Giving and receiving feedback and criticism with impact and results 
Managing your inner critic to overcome your fears of managing authentically
Learn the TGROW model to successfully coach your teams
Explore your own limiting beliefs and saboteurs and understand the impact of limiting beliefs in your organisation.
Learn a proven method of negotiation and mediation to use within organisations.


Work with me on a 1-2-1 basis

I offer packages for a variety of needs. All of my coaching sessions are flexible and fully customisable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each leader. I work with individuals and small groups.

Leadership Mentoring Package



Competence. Confidence. Credibility.

Are you ready for the next stage of your career? Unlock your potential and realise your ambitions.

  • Great for your personal development

  • Fantastic ROI for your organisation

  • Prepare to step up to a bigger leadership role with new tools 

  • Benefit from mentoring throughout your learning journey and fortnightly coaching 

  • Master difficult conversations with the skills to persuade and influence others

  • Build a network of inspiring female leaders

  • Hone your identity to steer your career in the direction you desire.

Is it right for you?

For female leaders and managers 

Accelerate your career through an immersive learning journey led by Kaidi Bowen.

What you learn:

Build the basis of your leadership career.

  • Learn world-class leadership skills based on cutting-edge research and best practice.

  • Hone your ability to communicate with, influence and persuade your colleagues, teams and superiors.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and craft an authentic future-facing identity.

  • Expand your network and understand how to gain and leverage support

  • Create a personal action plan to achieve your goals.

  • Learn to coach and empower your teams and lead creating a coaching culture.

Kaidi Bowen is trained and certified by CTI, and a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. An Ex Bank Manager with over 20 years experience.

Offering a unique coaching program designed for women. You are individual, and everyone has different circumstances and needs. That's why we make our Professional Leadership mindset package as flexible as possible.

As a facilitator for Tara Mohr's "Playing Big" leadership model, Kaidi utilises the extensive toolbox to help female leaders, lead powerfully and authentically. Topics covered include fear, dealing with praise and criticism, inner critic, negotiation, self-discipline, procrastination, confidence and motivation. 

Focused on your transformation and achieving the results you are ready to execute. Exploring your beliefs, based on neuroscience and future-focused to complete your path to success, the six or twelve months working together will fundamentally change your leadership approach and success.

Do get in touch today to have a chat and see if we are a good match to work together.

The corporate package starts from as little as £3600 for a years support

Price on application 3/6 or 12 months packages are available 

If you can't find a package that looks perfect for your needs? Or, If you would rather have a bespoke package for you? Get in touch and we can talk details.


Leaders with Nails 

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