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In a world where executives and companies face countless challenges, Leaders With Nails Ltd provides a unique approach that not only guides clients through these obstacles but also teaches them how to handle future challenges.

Committed to mentoring and coaching leaders. Leaders With Nails Ltd is honoured to help countless clients reach sustainable positive change.

With a focus on leadership development, smart decision-making, and creative problem solving, Leaders With Nails Ltd has been helping the professional community since 2018. Their clients include startup founders, corporate executives, and organisations of all sizes.

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About Kaidi - Founder & COACH


Kaidi's story

We'll let Kaidi tell it in her own words:

At the age of 12, I taught myself I couldn't depend on anyone else for my survival, so I had to work hard and achieve whatever I set my mind on. At 16 I was on my own and my career became my sole focus.

I started my in Hotels and the Public Trade, I was the youngest licensee in Britain at 19, Ran a seventy-bedroomed Hotel as General Manager at age 21 and after a few years transitioned into Insurance.

I trained to be an Underwriter and then discovered I was outstanding at selling, so I started training others in the call centre. I trained to be a trainer and facilitator and taught teams to sell.

I moved to Cornwall when I was eight months pregnant and had my daughter and then started from the bottom as a cashier in a bank until I was promoted to a Branch Manager after four years.

As a Branch Manager, I studied to be a Financial Advisor and thrived in a dual role.

"My passion for coaching and developing people stems from when I was a high flying in my role. Number one in the country nationally in the league tables, three years running,

I won the Bank Manager of the Year award. I was on a fast track in my thirties for a Director post - It was an excellent opportunity for my career to be on track.

But, everything changed when I got a new manager intent on knocking me down a peg or two (his words). After a few years, I decided I was more interested in people than advancing my career.  The stuffing knocked out of me, the constant battle to be a woman in a man's world had defeated me.

I went on a steep learning curve, studied coaching, psychology, neuroscience, NLP and started a role as a Regional Development Manager, looking after people, I loved it.

After twenty-three years in the bank, It was going through a restructure, and there were no branches where I was based. So I found myself facing redundancy.

The bank agreed to help me find an opportunity outside, and I started a career coaching programme. It was life-changing. It helped me think through who I was, what I wanted from my work and how to go about getting it.  

I trained to be a Professional Coach with renowned Co-Active Training Institution in London, became certified with them and with the ICF ( International Coaching Federation) 

I started my own successful business, "Synergise Coaching & Training."

Still, I didn't feel I had the tools to help women who were going through a tough time smashing the glass ceiling, so I became a "Playing Big Facilitator", learning from Tara Mohr, excellent tools which change lives. 

This is where Leaders With Nails was created to support women in my community to reach their career potential.

I then completed a training Program with Positive Intelligence as a Mental Fitness Coach and ORSC Fundamentals as a Team Coach. 

Now I feel privileged to be able to support individuals, teams and organisations to reach their potential.

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The culture at Leaders With Nails is built on four foundational values that underpin all of our work with organisations, teams and individuals.


Big ambition. Personal motivation. Challenging ourselves every day.


Asking. Exploring. Solving. Then delivering outstanding results.


Taking ownership. Taking risks. Welcoming change with open arms.


Innovative, supportive mindsets. No egos… We before me - One brilliant team.

We are ICF (International Coaching Federation) Members and comply with their ethicAL code of conduct