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About Kaidi Bowen 


Hello, welcome to my coaching and training world. This exciting online world is where I get results for organisations and businesses who put people first, people like YOU. You’re here because you are looking to enhance your career, business or organisation, work with a leadership mentor or a mindset coach, or develop a training package for your team post the pandemic.

Leaders With Nails was created to fulfil my passion for helping more women smash the glass ceiling. Then I discovered the tools program helps men advance their careers with the amazing tools from Playing Big. 



Many people in a leadership role suffer from imposter syndrome, lack confidence, have just been promoted, and need external support to get ahead. You or your team might need a Coach or Mentor to help see those blind spots and guide you in the right direction to become an outstanding leader.

Or you are a new business owner and want an accountability partner to help you keep on track in your own business.

I am also a Career Coach, helping you or your team in your career development, aiming for promotions, recovering from redundancy, to find a career with their name on it! 


I’m Kaidi ( well, Caroline on my credentials), Online Business Mentor, Leadership Coach & Trainer, Career Coach, Tara Mohr facilitator. 

I am NOT a jack of all trades, master of none. I’m a master of coaching and personal development leadership for women with over twenty years of experience in the corporate world as an award-winning bank manager.

Before joining the bank, I had a varied management career, starting as a hotel manager, then a publican for seven years, transitioning into wedding and conference organiser and insurance underwriter. I was a sales trainer and a call centre manager. I set up a call centre for Abbey National and was job matched to a bank manager role, not a conventional career plan, neither was moving home thirty-four times! However, it was excellent training to be a Coach and Leader, especially in times of considerable change. 

Three years ago, I was made redundant. Going through the turmoil of losing my role (which felt like my identity at the time) inspired me to learn how to help clients facing redundancy stay motivated and thrive.

I developed workshops for resilience, the job market, CV, Linkedin and interview practice which I share with my clients in the career series courses (I also offer these in my coaching). Then started creating leadership webinars that form the Leaders With Nails Leadership Program.

I set up my own successful business, "Synergise Coaching and Training", which has thrived online throughout the pandemic. 

My unique mix of business experience and psychological insight, mindset coaching skills, and intuition mean I have all the essential factors covered.

The support I deliver is tested and provides results. The team I work with are exceptional professionals with previous exemplary careers.



Nick-named the torch - My life purpose is to shine the light on my client's expertise to overcome their fears and achieve their potential.

My mission is to help more women smash the glass ceiling and achieve their ultimate career goals. Throughout my career, I recognised that leadership training was designed for men. So I have created a leadership series of courses specifically for women.



This runs through all I do and is my guide for all decisions I make and how I show up in the world. It means having hard conversations, being direct and holding up the mirror for clients when needed. 


I am here to support you through change, to help you take your ideas and make them happen. You are visionary. I help you turn your ideas into action. 

Connection: Family, friends, clients are the most important drivers in my life and aligning with my purpose brings me great fulfilment.


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