Welcome to Leaders With Nails for Women who want to flourish in Business and their lives.

My mission is to highlight your strengths and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow in confidence to reach your full potential in your career and life.

I believe, If I had known back then what I know now during my banking career, it would have escalated my career tenfold. Back then, leadership training which is tailored to women wasn't offered. So I have made it my mission to pull together the right package for women to get ahead in business. 

I am willing to guarantee that as long as you put in the hard work and do the daily app during the first six weeks, this leadership course will enhance your leadership performance and productivity.

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I’m Kaidi (well, Caroline on my credentials), Online Business Mentor, Leadership Coach & Trainer, Career Coach, Tara Mohr facilitator. 

I’m not a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none". I’m a master of coaching and personal development leadership for women with over twenty years of experience in the corporate world as an award-winning bank manager, sales coach, and trainer.

Before joining the bank, I had a varied Management career, starting as a Hotel Manager and Publican for seven years, then transitioning into Wedding Event Management and Insurance Underwriting. I was a sales trainer and a Call Centre Manager.

Four years ago, I was made redundant and set up my own successful business, "Synergise Coaching and Training". Going through the turmoil of losing my role (which felt like my identity) inspired me to learn how to help clients facing redundancy stay motivated and thrive.

I developed workshops for resilience, the job market, CV, Linkedin and interview practice which I share with my clients in the career series courses (I also offer these in my personal coaching).

My unique mix of business experience and psychological insight, mindset coaching skills, and intuition mean I have all the important factors covered.

The support I deliver is tried, tested and delivers results.

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Take Control of Your Future

Nick-named the torch - My life purpose is to shine the light on my client's expertise to overcome their fears and achieve their potential.
My mission is to help more women smash the glass ceiling and achieve their ultimate career goals. Throughout my career, I recognised that leadership training was designed for men. So I have created a leadership series of courses specifically for women.
Integrity. This runs through all I do and is my guide for all decisions I make and how I show up in the world. It means having hard conversations, being direct and holding up the mirror for clients when needed. 
Innovation:  I am here to support you through change, to help you take your ideas and make them happen. You are visionary. I help you turn your ideas into action. 
Connection: Family, friends, clients are the most important drivers in my life and aligning with my purpose brings me great fulfilment.



From an early age, I knew I wanted to build a better financial future. 
Growing up as a builders daughter, I lived in unfinished houses with no heating, plaster on the walls or any material comforts. I moved 34 times before I was thirty. 
I needed somewhere to live when our home was repossessed by the bank and started a successful hotel and pub trade career. Reaching a General Manager position at the age of 21, managing 90 plus staff.
Followed by a twenty-year plus career in high-street banking. I was always highly driven, striving to achieve my sales targets, win awards, and achieve my ultimate career goal of being a leader. Until I finally burnout in the corporate world after being made redundant in 2018.
I put myself through coach training and eventually qualified as an Executive Coach three years ago. I created my own business, "Synergise Coaching & Training", and work as an "Operations Director" of an Outplacement Business, where I have been transforming organisations, leadership, and individuals' careers. Thus far, my coaching career has been varied and exciting, from training the police to facilitating town council meetings.
Now I am loving having choices, working for myself and helping entrepreneurs and leaders to find their career success. Ultimately I measure my success on the success of my clients.


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Recent Client Reviews 
We always welcome feedback so you can add a review of my coaching above.

Certification Coach 

Kaidi has supported me through certification, she is a talented coach, have strong instincts to know when I need a mentor and when to challenge me.
She has some excellent resources as I try to figure out how to start this business.  I appreciate her generosity and openness.
She has great intuition and is honest and straightforward, making it easy to build trust and dig into my inner beliefs and values.

Niamh O 

“I've been working with Kaidi for nearly 2 years now and I just love this lady! She's exactly what she claims to be. She's empathic, kind and hugely intuitive; her leadership experience has enabled her to mentor and coach me,  supporting me from a place where I was struggling …... . Her ability to listen and immediately know the best way forward, what was needed to help me view myself and the world I live in differently, what actions needed to be done to create the most impact for each session. Kaidi helped me to create a toolkit of resources to help me strive to achieve my goals even after the coaching ended.  Having a coach changed my leadership.

Entrepreneur Business Coaching 

I have been working with Kaidi for several months now and the coaching/advice/interaction has been second to none. I have enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions, the tools Kaidi has shared with me have massively helped, the time spent has been hugely beneficial, in general, every session I have had has been of great value and has helped me. I can't recommend Kaidi enough
Simon K

Redundancy Coaching

I thought Kaidi Bowen would simply offer career advice, but the reality was she helped me uncover the key to unlock my limiting beliefs and the potential of my human spirit.
If you are interested in exploring your true potential, in living a life without regrets, go to her with an open mind and heart. Be accountable, trust the process and take action. Good things will come of it ;-)
Mike E