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Entrepreneurs who lack confidence tend to focus on their area of expertise, neglecting the tasks where they feel less confident. With low confidence, they fear embarrassing themselves and appearing unprofessional, which magnifies their fear of failing and keeps them playing small, paralysing their business instead of working on themselves to build confidence. The hard truth is that you will not meet your business goals without confidence. After all, would you buy from someone who didn’t seem confident about their own product or skills? Confidence is a big part of the puzzle that helps entrepreneurs get ahead in business.

Are you ready to stop playing it safe and step out of your comfort zone?

That’s where “The Confidence Bundle” comes in. It gives you the tools to grow in confidence and develop a confident mindset. The bundle includes tools for life to be able to do the tasks that your business needs. With downloadable workbooks, videos and help sheets, neuroscience-based coaching tools and questionnaires, a Q&A section, and a private FB group.

  • ​​Imprisoned Inner Imposter - Workbook: Exploring self-doubt and quietening your negative thoughts.

  • Fear Management Video: Tools to overcome your fear and step outside of your comfort zone.

  • Build Beyond Your Beliefs: Questionnaire to explore your beliefs and create positive alternatives.

  • LinkedIn Entrepreneur: Slides to set up + network on LinkedIn with a personal and business profile.

  • Successful Telephone Tips: A quick guide to structure your calls for complaints, sales, and service.

  • Feedback & Praise recorded webinar: Learn a new confidence enhancing way to deal with feedback.

  • Business Plan Template and Guide: To create your new enhanced confidence business plan.

  • Bonus Feature: A Values Workbook: Learn what gives you fulfilment and improve your decision making.

  • Bonus Feature 2: A mindset calendar for 2022 to keep you focused on your personal growth

  • Bonus Feature 3: Emotional Time Travel video: learn how to leave your negative thoughts in the past.

$750 Package for three months

One to One Coaching

Professional Goal Setting with Leaders With Nails is unlike any other coaching program out there.
1. From the moment we start working together, we will set clear goals and explore your unique circumstances and needs.
2. Help you to achieve long-lasting change and reach your objectives, including accountability to ensure you follow up on your aspirations.
3. Explorations of the blocks, stopping you from achieving your goals. Overcoming lack of willpower, doubts and beliefs that hold you back.
Together we will ensure you reach your potential.

$997 or 4 x £275

You Unlimited Program including Mental Fitness Program, FB Group and GROW option of the Positive Intelligence App for a year.

1. A Discovery Session - 90 mins with Kaidi to explore getting the best from the course
2. Access to the Mental Fitness six-week Program, plus the app for a year
Weekly group 1:1 plus a check-in coaching session after 2 months.
3. Ensure you reach your career objectives. Align your head, heart and gut to follow the right path for you to get ahead in your career.  
BONUS the GROW Program means access to more training as it is added.


Personal Executive Coaching

If you wonder how it is possible that you lead other people but somehow you are so disorganised, scatty and deep down feel like one day you are going to be found out as an imposter, not worthy of being in your role. 
You are not alone, I wondered about this for over 20 years and I discovered it's a mismatch between how we are taught and what we need to achieve.  I trained as a Tara Mohr "Playing Big"  Facilitator to help women, focus on what's important to them and achieve their goals without fear, doubts and whilst achieving a work/life balance.