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What clients say


Zoe Harris

Director NHS

Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained various models and theories to underpin my leadership practice

I am a Director in the NHS, and I have received external coaching with Kaidi, and it offered me time to really reflect on my leadership style - gaining greater insight into what it must be like to be on the receiving end of me. I was also able, with Kaidi's support, to further develop my coaching skills to play to my team's strengths and help them to be the best leaders they could be.

Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained various models and theories to underpin my leadership practice. Having tools that I could actually use in my senior leadership role was invaluable.

I went through a recruitment process whilst receiving Kaidi's coaching and her support with my preparation and presentation skills were hugely beneficial, I got the promotion.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kaidi to anyone wanting to better understand their values, priorities and impact as a leader.

Neil Lewis

NHS Wales Director of People & OD

I started coaching with Kaidi this time last year, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
The Long Road Program has been a great return on our investment, providing in the moment support where needed, identifying blind spots and just bouncing ideas around to gain new headspace.
Kaidi has great empathy and extensive professional knowledge enabling me to gain powerful insights regardless of the coaching topic. 

During our coaching together, I have stepped up to a new role as 

Director of People and OD in Public Health Wales and Kaidi's support has been invaluable.
Kaidi is flexible and generous with her time. She uses various tools from NLP, coaching and mentoring, which mean I'm getting the support I need, and she keeps me accountable.
Kaidi's style brings clarity, balance and challenge. She can support me with practical tools that support me in just the right measure."

Thank you, Kaidi. 

Linsey Clements

NHS Director

As a senior people manager in the NHS Kaidi provided some tailored coaching sessions for me, which proved insightful and extremely worthwhile. We used the time to discuss feedback, difficult conversations, career exploration, cv support, strengths, weaknesses, style, as well as generally discussing and helping me identify the leadership difficulties I had been having and where I wanted my career to go.
Kaidi was supportive but also challenging in a positive way, which helped me to explore truly where and what I wanted to do.
I honestly did not believe the coaching would have much impact at all at the outset but how wrong I was. Kaidi enabled me to be clear on my priorities and goals and empowered me to have some challenging conversations.
If you are reading this you are obviously contemplating coaching and I highly recommend you undertake this with Kaidi. Without sounding too emotive, Kaidi positively changed my life.

J. Paster Detmer, MBA, CPCC

Creative Synergy

Kaidi is a generous, thought-provoking, and transformative coach.  She immediately established a relationship of trust that allowed me to access the deep (and sometimes dark at the time) places within me, resulting in powerful learnings and resilient, lasting choices.  As a result of our time, I am now the architect of my own life and how I experience it.  Within our coaching relationship, I deepened my understanding of who I am as a leader and further embraced my own style as an executive at a fortune 500 company, left that company on a high note and started my own successful business, and now live a fulfilling life as a fully present mom, wife, leader, wife, and friend.  It's the greatest investment of time and money I have ever given to not only myself -  but to my  teams, my family, and my friends.

Michael Eslami

Financial Planner

I thought Kaidi Bowen would offer career advice, but the reality was she helped me uncover the key to unlocking my limiting beliefs and the potential of our human spirit. If you are interested in exploring your true potential, in living a life without regrets, go to her with an open mind and heart. Be accountable, trust the process and take action. Good things will come of it ;-)

Simon Knight

Knight & Co CEO

I have been working with Kaidi for several months now, and the coaching interaction has been second to none. I have enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions. The tools Kaidi has shared with me have massively helped. The time spent has been hugely beneficial. In general, every session I have had has been of great value and has helped me. I can't recommend Kaidi enough.

Andy Neal

University Lecturer

Kaidi – thanks for being honest. Thanks for not holding back on the difficult questions. Thanks for pushing me beyond what was comfortable without overwhelming me. Thanks for listening so well. Thanks for giving me space when I needed it. Thanks for believing in a point beyond my horizon – even when I couldn’t see it myself. Thanks for helping me reconnect with the things I love and helping me find language to redefine my career.

Adele Bates

Career Coaching

Kaidi was my career coach post a very unexpected and difficult redundancy, after being employed since leaving school for the first time in my life I found myself questioning my career direction. Due to covid the recruitment market was poor and my sporadic approach to applying didn’t help. One particular session was ground breaking for me, Kaidi recognised I was losing confidence and gave me a real talking to instilling what factors had to be priorities in my search, she was kind with her words but gave me the prod I needed to recognise my career standard and worth. I followed her words and kept reverting to what I should be applying for and how to approach it and sure enough I landed the job I wanted, on the same level I had been made redundant from with an exciting company where I know I can make a difference. I cannot thank her enough she had a very kind way of telling me to keep going but approach it differently giving me reasons to help understand rejection on a professional not personal level. I would not hesitate to use her in the future.

Alice Lewis

Social Worker

I highly recommend Kaidi at Synergise coaching. She uses honesty, and empathy to help you identify your goals, and explore how to achieve them. Kaidi has helped me to dream bigger, and have confidence in my ability to achieve my goals.


Arts Professional Director

Kaidi’s style of coaching is very much person-focused, responding to where you are and what you need at a given time. She can be practical and focused, offering advice and tips on anything from CVs to website design. But she is also insightful, encouraging more personal reflection, which touches on bigger questions of what you value, where you want to be, and what is stopping you achieving this goal. Above all Kaidi is there for you - offering you the chance to think as creatively as you can with the belief that anything is possible if you let yourself embrace it and work towards it.