Leaders with nails is a new company expanding from Synergise Coaching and Training which has worked in collaboration with Skylite Associates as their OD for the past three years. Now a move to Wales has prompted us to expand on our own, will the continued support of Associates I have worked with for many years. 

Zoe Harris // NHS Director  


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I am a Director in the NHS, and I have received external coaching with Kaidi, and it offered me time to really reflect on my leadership style - gaining greater insight into what it must be like to be on the receiving end of me. I was also able, with Kaidi's support, to further develop my coaching skills to play to my team's strengths and help them be the best leaders they could be.

Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained various models and theories to underpin my leadership practice. Having tools that I could actually use in my senior leadership role was invaluable.

I went through a recruitment process whilst receiving Kaidi's coaching, and her support with my preparation and presentation skills were hugely beneficial. I got the promotion.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kaidi to anyone wanting to understand better their values, priorities, and impact as a leader.

Simon Knight // Knight &Co 


Comments: I have been working with Kaidi for several months now, and the coaching/advice/interaction has been second to none. I have enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions. The tools Kaidi has shared with me have massively helped. The time spent has been hugely beneficial. In general, every session I have had has been of great value and has helped me. I can't recommend Kaidi enough.

When asked how he would describe this service. Simon said " If I had to replace kaidi I would need to look for someone with a big smile and a big heart.
Someone with a really good sense of humour, and a good sense of fun, who is empathetic but also someone who holds me to account.

Kaidi listens without interruption, has an answer, or a different view or a solution when needed or just make me look at things differently.

Has strong tools (take today as an example and the business plan, that was just what I was wanting).
Someone who has had a big role in a big organisation, so they really understand the pressures in a senior role.
Someone with life experience - professional and personal to help me balance my life and work.