For women asking themselves - What if?

You had focused as much on your life as your work?

As somebody who is driven, successful and generally amazing at their work, you thrive on being you.

You know that you want to make a significant contribution to the world, build a legacy, change lives, delight and inspire, you have passion and ambition, but what if - you didn't prioritise your work over life- what then?

You feel empty and frustrated by the brain fog that's hovering threatening to hijack your success and cautiously considering your ability to sustain the pace through the next chapter as menopause looms.

Unsure if you are ready for the scrap heap or the next BIG adventure. innovative ideas swirling around your head – none of them quite what you want, and have you got the energy or the inclination to pull it off.

When friends ask ‘How’s are you?’ you feel defensive and you struggle to articulate the emptiness and fear, feelings as if you have to justify your life choices.

Overthinking leads to sleepless nights, exhaustion and a feeling of emptiness, you sense that now more than ever, you  are was it worth it? 

Now is the perfect opportunity to get clear on your future and start to rebuild some relationships, you have left to perish in the name of success. You want to push forward with something that fills you with a sense of purpose and achievement, that financially rewards you for doing what you love and at the same time, discovering what life could look like if you put the same energy into living as you do work. 

But the self-imposed pressure to work hard and compulsive spending which necessitates you keep your high-flyer role leads to avoidance, procrastination, and if you’re really honest with yourself, fear

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It's likely that you've signed up for alternative menopause therapies and attended workshops in the hope that you'll get the clarity you seek.

You feel disillusioned and find it challenging to stick to things; you have specific challenges relating to your complicated relationships that couldn't be answered simply by watching videos or in a room full of people. So you leave feeling flat after having spent lots of hard-earned money.

The brain fog makes thinking difficult, and your memory is suffering. You berate yourself for missing important stuff. You have allowed your work to consume your life, and without it, you feel vulnerable and a little scared. 

Who are YOU in all of this? Your head is telling you you are an imposter of your previous self, and you will get found out if you haven't already.

The nagging inner critical voice may well be a constant companion: "You should give up on trying to be at the top", "you're confused", "you don't have a life to fall back on".

You read the latest books, listen to podcasts, look for answers, there's a ton of great advice, but it just adds to the overwhelm, and you realise that there is no one magic bullet out there for what you are feeling.

So what's next?

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Introducing our signature coaching program.

Your RoadMap to Personal and Professional Success

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Coaching & Mentoring Support

  • I will help you build the life you want RECONNECT with what's missing to gain fulfilment.

  • Get CLARITY on your goals moving forward, explore your motives and get CERTAINTY about what you want, what matters to you and what you want your legacy to be.

  • The upheaval has knocked your CONFIDENCE, and now is the time for us to work together to explore what's next in your CAREER.

  • We can define what your business vision looks like, add structure, process and method to ensure that the path ahead makes sense and continues to inspire you.

  • I will share tools to help you have the COURAGE to walk the untrodden road.

  • Most importantly, we will plan your milestones to CELEBRATE your success.

We will explore your values and beliefs through coaching, so you'll feel confident in your future and how you want the next stage of your life to unfold.

Our sessions will give you CLARITY on 

whom you want to be as a person, when you are not a leader, and finally, you can point your energy and ambition at a deeply gratifying life, one that promises to delight, inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams. What could be better than that?