Coaching for men facing upheaval in their lives

You are a high flyer in business, dealing with multi-million-pound businesses. 

You have always believed having an important job will help you provide a high standard of living for your family, and you have succeeded up until now, however, your family is falling apart.

You didn't do brilliantly in school, but somehow you always knew you were destined for great things if you worked hard. You were one of the good guys, and your people skills would get you where you wanted to go.

You took on responsibility young, were driven by hard work and your successes, although for you success was fleeting as there was always more to achieve. 

You are aware you missed opportunities along the way doing the right thing for your family,

You won't admit it to anyone, but you feel lost - your whole purpose is diminished.

1️⃣Your Goal right now is to stop overthinking everything.

2️⃣ Find a new purpose to give you back your drive and ambition. 

3️⃣You want to carve a new life for yourself, a life that is aligned to your values and start over - but you have to understand where it all fell apart to move forward.

We cab help book, a chemistry session or read on to find out more. 

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This is not where you were meant to be - what now?

For men who followed the rules and somewhere on the journey it all went wrong.

You followed all the rules, worked hard, travelled where your job took you, spent a lot of time away from home, dedicated your life to bringing home the money.

Creating a family home to be proud of and providing the income to give you and your family a good lifestyle, the kind you never had growing up! You are devastated by what's happened. 

Now you need to overcome fear, reconcile self-doubt – could you have worked harder?  Made more effort? Did you see the issues arising? but ignored the signs?

You are successful and bring real value to your organisation, success is your middle name, your customers love you, the team think you are fun and inspiring, you change lives, you have passion and ambition, but what was the point now everything you worked for has gone.

You feel confused and frustrated by the challenges you face, disillusioned by what's happened. After all, you followed all the rules. The result was humiliation, heartbreaking and worse still, the house, your home with all your memories and milestones, has to be sold. You will only have a portion of your hard-earned money, a share of your pension, and you're coming to terms with facing a new life alone. 

You are ready for a new adventure. You have many brilliant and innovative ideas swirling around your head – none of them wrong, but which one to pick and focus your effort on?

When friends ask, 'How's are you?' you feel defensive, and you struggle to bottom-line, feeling as if you have to justify your emotions and choices.

Overthinking leads to sleepless nights, exhaustion and overwhelm. You sense that now more than ever in these turbulent times is the perfect opportunity to get clear on your mission and opportunities, push forward with something that fills you with a sense of purpose and achievement that financially rewards you for following your passion.

Still, you are not even sure what that is. It is as if you have lost yourself.

But your self-imposed pressure to define and commit leads to avoidance, procrastination, and, if you're honest with yourself, fear right now.

You are ready to work with a coach, but knowing whom to trust in the problem, you gave a reputation to uphold - I can help - let's chat! 



Where you find yourself right now

You've likely worked bloody hard all your life, looking forward to the future when you can enjoy the comfort you have created.

Now, You feel disillusioned and find it difficult to motivate yourself. Life has taken an unexpected turn, and you have challenges you never imagined facing.

You are surrounded by complicated relationships that leave you feeling bewildered and sick to your stomach.

You berate yourself for missing important stuff. You have allowed your work to consume your life.

The great news, I can help, this is my area of expertise. 

Book a chat or page down to read how I help you get your life back on track. 

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Introducing the solution 

Your RoadMap to Personal and Professional Success to get your Mojo back.

The Seven C's

1. CONNECTION -  to your purpose and passion

2. CLARITY - Your Saboteurs drivers and value-driven decisions 

3. CERTAINTY - Clarity on the new life you want

4. CONFIDENCE - To go it alone and thrive

5. CONVERSATION - Create your crew or boardroom of support

6. COURAGE - Tools to overcome fear and self-doubt

7. CELEBRATE - Achieve your goals and leave your legacy

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As a Professional Certified Coach and Mentor, Ex Bank manager, Award-winning sales manager and Mental Fitness Coach.

  • Understand how your beliefs can limit your future and help you find new ones.

  • Explore your values and find out what resonates with you and creates dissonance in your life to make informed decisions.

  • Explore how you can create quality family time, not just live to work

  • Find your life purpose and make a plan towards your goals ​

  • Create a legacy you will be proud of, explore ways to give back and create fulfilment in life. 



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