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Helping you build personal resilience

If you are struggling to lead from a place of strength, support your teams and stay positive, watch this for lots of ways to build resilience, sustain resilience and measure whats zapping yours right now.


Alternative to Self Discipline 

Forget about willpower - plan for success

In our Executive Leadership Development Program, self-discipline and alternative planning are just one of the many areas we explore. It’s easy to point the finger at “a lack of self-discipline.”

Our culture has told us that self-discipline is what will help us stay the course when the going gets tough. That there is some mysterious combination of commitment, willpower and drive that allows the worthy ones to stick to their goals. The rest of us are left beating ourselves up for lacking self-discipline.

Sound familiar?

Here is an alternative, watch this video for an alternative way to manage your goals.

Also, explore the six-week mental fitness app program, especially if you are not ready for coaching right now.  Until the end of June, you can get the program worth $995 for just £175 during the pilot period - email me for details below



Dealing with Fear

Fear is an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat, which causes physiological changes and ultimately behavioural changes, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events.
But there are actions you can take to move through fear and they are shared in this short video


Leaders with Nails 

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