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Is mentoring for you?

Trying to do great things is difficult alone. Success is usually a team sport, and that's why many successful people have mentors. We all do things differently from each other, and we look at things differently. Still, the beautiful thing about a good mentoring relationship is that it brings out the mentee's unique talents and helps them fulfil their potential. As Oprah Winfrey famously said, "A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself." 

As your mentor, I will challenge you, coach, and teach you new tools to boost your confidence, enhance your knowledge, be a trusted sounding board and help you fulfil your potential.

Mentoring: the basics

"No woman is an island. While it has never been easier to find everything out for yourself and go about doing things the hard way, why would you want to make your life more difficult?"

My commitment

As your mentor, I will draw attention to your blind spots and other things you don't see. I will encourage you to learn, and when you fail, I will support you to consider the big picture. I will share my experience and knowledge, where I have done the things you want to do, and I can offer insights.

I am committed to helping my clients be the best version of themselves. 

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Career Coaching Session

COVID-19 career and work support: during the pandemic

We are offering two x 45-minute meetings at very low cost. We are a group of trained and experienced ICF Coaches.

We will discuss what actions you can take to be ready when lockdown ends. 

We can also support you with your 

  • Concern about the future of your work role, industry, profession

  • Self-care and resilience

  • Work-life balance

  • Using your strengths

  • Finding your ‘why’ – your core and continuing values

  • CV review

  • Or just anything you want to discuss that will help you right now in your work or life.

  • Limited offer £195 

I believe where there is a will to succeed there is a way to achieve success, having a coach or a mentor will support you to step up and take action


“Do something today to make your future self proud. If you would like to listen and meet your future self, please get in touch first for a worksheet to get the most from the experience, this is FREE of charge.

Visualisation to meet your future self

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Leaders with Nails 

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