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Leaders With Nails Ltd

Achieve Your Goals

Costs + Prices

Every client we work with comes with a different set of objectives, challenges, learning pace and style.

As a result, we tailor every coaching programme to fit precisely around you. Depending on what you want to achieve and how much time and energy you have to accomplish this, the number of sessions you will require and what we cover in the programmes will vary to suit your needs.

Understanding your needs + price

To give you an accurate and expert recommendation on what you will require to make the change you're aiming for, we first need to understand your coaching needs, your challenges and your goals.

This is what the free Discovery Call is designed to learn and enable us to get to the true essence of what you want to achieve and then talk you through the options we recommend, the right coach for you, and the relevant cost based on your individual needs.

Leaders With Nails Ltd pricing structure

This will vary according to your individual coaching needs, which naturally determines the experience and background of the Career Coach, Executive Coach or Life Coach you require. 

In cases where life coaching is more the focus or a more exploratory coaching style is needed, the cost is based on the type of Coach you require and their experience level, not necessarily based on your career stage.

To give a starting point on price, our career coaching programmes pricing starts from £50 per session tailored programme to £325 per month x 4 monthly payments. Our pricing then moves up the scale depending on your career stage.

To find out more, book a free Discovery Call. Based on your needs, we will discuss the cost. If affordability is an issue, please get in touch, and we can discuss your circumstances. We believe no one should be excluded from coaching. 

Results of career coaching naturally vary significantly depending on how much time you have available in between sessions to test new ideas, reflect and practise using the tools we share, also on how committed you are to change and many other factors.

Preparing an outstanding new CV and prepping for interviews can take 4 – 6 sessions for some of our clients. Other clients have come for three sessions and achieved their desired results. We guarantee results when you put in the work. You have access to our CV course for a year. 

Coaching will work best if you are ready to invest in yourself at the highest levels, prepared to take accountability, trust in the coaching process, and are open to change.

Those who get the most from our one-to-one sessions are ready to make changes, push out of their comfort zone, make a positive impact and fully immerse themselves in the process. 

For individually-funded coaching

We offer individuals who fund their coaching a 25% discount – strictly within seven days of your Discovery Call for upfront payments. This does not apply for instalment plans or in conjunction with any other offer.

Spread the cost over the duration of your coaching programme– monthly instalment plans available. 


It is your responsibility to confirm the agreed session, be communicative with your coach if you need help between sessions, and be on time for each session. 

Frequency + Expiry

We recommend you see your coach online fortnightly for best results.

Keeping momentum is key to the success of your coaching, which is why frequent sessions are essential to the results you achieve. We require you to use a minimum of 1 session per month. Please be aware that you cannot achieve outstanding results if you are not seeing your coach regularly.

The remaining coaching sessions expire if unused after six months. 

Privacy Policy

Your data is kept confidential, and of the utmost importance to Leaders With Nails Ltd. Our business is based on protecting client confidentiality and managing sensitive personal information. Whether from an initial enquiry email, any phone calls, through any contact you have with us. 

No personal information provided to us will be shared with any third party and can only be accessed by minimal team members internally.