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Limiting Beliefs - How to identify them. What do you believe that is holding you back?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Ask yourself these questions or work with a colleague

1) What is a problem or limitation that has held you back for a while?

2) What is it you would like to do/have, except something is stopping you from getting it/doing it?

3) What is it that is REALLY stopping you from getting what you want?

4) This is a problem because?

5) And this means? (Repeat as many times as necessary) And this means? (Repeat as many times as necessary)

6) What must you believe that makes this problem even exist?

7) What is it you believe about YOURSELF that has made this a problem?

8) What do you believe about the WORLD that has made this a problem?

9) What is this problem an example of?

10)...and what is THIS an example of?

11) When did you decide that your problem was a problem (roughly)?

12) At what point in your life did you by into this concept?

13) What decision did you make that caused this problem to be born?

14) What does this problem mean to you?

15) What will life be like when you don't have this belief?

I hope this helps you identify the beliefs holding you back, so that you can make a choice to still believe it or not

I want to share a story with you about elephant training.

Animal trainers have a proven, repeatable system of training elephants that works every time.

When the elephant is still a baby, the trainer chains the infant’s leg to a huge log.

When the elephant tries to escape, the log proves stronger. It repeatedly tests its strength against the log

Eventually, it gives up…

The elephant believes it can't escape, that even when it’s fully grown all the trainer has to do is tie the chain around the elephant’s leg to anything - even a twig! - and it won’t try to escape.

An Elephant never forgets

Even though nothing in its past is in its present now, the elephant is a prisoner of its limiting beliefs.

Sometimes we’re the elephant.

When we let our past pain, struggles, and challenges define who we are in our current reality.

The only thing from your past that’s in your present now is your limiting beliefs.

You’re not your past actions.

You’re not how others treated you in the past.

You’re only who you think you are, and what you do right now in this moment.

You can change your beliefs about what’s possible, and step away from your twigs.

You can do it too

All you have to do is believe, and then take action.

You’ve already heard it from me, who heard it from Kain Ramsey first, now I want you to hear that you can succeed and live a life you love every day.

You don’t have to have all the answers or wait for the perfect moment - you just have to get started.

There will never be a perfect time to start.

Good Luck with your journey to freedom.

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