How does a confidence coach help?

Updated: Mar 17

One of the most important actions in confidence building - is stepping out of our comfort zone! For example, if we are afraid of public speaking, it's time for you to take a leap and start doing it - even if it's scary! Chances are you want to tackle something BIG and so you are looking at who or what could help

I have been coaching staff to be more confidence, selling and then living for other twenty years and as i have evolved as a coach, this is what i have believe.

We are all born with oodles of confidence, but under varying circumstances, our confidence is eroded. Which means we all have the muscle memory and can regain it with some determination and hard work.

A coach is a person who will helps you to achieve these goals. They can help you to grow as a person and make sure that you are not limiting your life by the thoughts in your head.

We all have the mythical creatures on either shoulder:

Our “mentor” voice that, motivates us, encourages us, and is always there to support us internally when things get tough. It always has clarity and certainty we can access but its quiet and can be overshadowed..

On the other side our “Inner critic” the negative voice in our heads. The one that is always telling us what to do. That we are not good enough, ready enough, capable enough and more. The original function of the voice was important, as our protector from danger, but as times have changed it’s use has diminished and instead it has become a nuisance, spending its time as “the gate keeper of change” getting louder when we least want to hear from it.

It's important to know which one is which, so that we can make sure to listen only to the good one!

As a confidence coach, we help you personify the voices in your head and distinguish which one you want to pay attention to and which one you want to quieten.

A coach can help by guiding you on how to break out of your comfort zone and explore what is possible. To realise your potential before you feel it for yourself, to build your mental muscles so that you can take a leap, try something new, or go after something that has been on your mind for a while.

A coach can help you identify your own personal limitations and boundaries, values and beliefs. They can help you understand the role of the inner mentor and the inner critic.

Confidence is what you need to succeed in your career. But what if you are not sure about your skills and qualifications? It is time to work with a confidence coach.

Confidence coaches can help you deal with your fear and build your confidence. They will also guide you through the path of building a professional profile and networking.

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