What makes a cohesive team?

The team become cohesive when they unite behind a common goal, individuals also come together for the greater good of the team to achieve the end goal, rather than focusing on individual success.

Teams need a common vision, a vision which isn’t just created by the hierarchy of the organisation but one that everybody can rally behind. A vision that’s used in all communication, from recruitment to usage in everyday email and conversation. A vision that summaries the aim of the company in one strap line.

The vision is then underpinned by the mission statement which is how each group (marketing, sales, service) in the organisation, will bring the vision alive. It differs between departments but always aligns to the same overall vision.

The next step is the process is to create the strategy for the team, considering both how the team will bring their individual strengths together to achieve the goals and also what they’re going to “do” together by that I mean we need to look at the company behaviour's once the behaviours are decided and it’s agreed what good looks like the team can then unite behind their goals and build their team all pulling towards the same end goals.

Teams that are cohesive tend to practice team building activities, both in and of work supporting one another's lives recognising our lives and work are intertwined. They assume a positive mindset and good intent towards each other.

Every individual in the team has their own purpose and their own why and this creates the DNA for the team so it’s helpful if everybody understands each others drivers. Once everyone understands what each others purpose is they are able to see the bigger picture of the team DNA. This creates trust once trust is created it can be built upon by the activities which we will explore in the next blog.

Team training and development enhances performance in cohesive teams, where trust is built and it is reinforced with open communication. Continuous learning is also encouraged, usually adopting a coaching culture.

The team are empowered by the trust built together, to be open about mistakes, to learn from failure and as a result they become more creative and productive, managing change with resilience and ease.

If you would like to create a more cohesive team do get in touch. We provide online workshops and two day team building events.

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