We work with companies across the full spectrum of services based companies and organisations, including banking, insurance, medical and SME's. Our highly collaborative approach is designed to help you manage risks, reduce costs, innovate, boost customer loyalty and achieve breakthrough transformations of your leaders. 

With deep experience across businesses, we work side-by-side with you and are fully invested in your success—we treat your business as if it were our own. We can help you develop clear, practical action plans and implement them efficiently, to ensure you achieve real and sustainable performance improvement. We have expertise across every strategic and operational area in organisations, with a wide team of associates bringing their expertise when required. 

Training in an organisation


We were asked to design and deliver a two-day coaching course to managers to deliver to their teams. The requirements were that the design and outcomes were to be based on the ILM3 coaching accreditation.



Our approach was to work with the managers, working through the training programme itself, enabling them to experience and master the delivery of the ILM content as well as giving them a holistic overview and enhanced understanding of the content to enable them to deliver it to their teams and share best practice, making micro coaching part of the organisation. The

delegates received an introduction to coaching skills, including understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring, embedding various coaching tools and lots of supervised practise using the TGROW model.


Our design approach was to fully understand the objectives of the organisation and understand the delegates' needs. We were making the course relevant to the challenges faced by the teams regularly, understanding the existing culture and the gap between the starting point and what they wanted to achieve.

We then designed and created separate day 1 and 2 Learning Guides for delegates to revisit and embed the learning. We recommend delivery over two non-consecutive days with practical work before and in-between the days to enhance embedding and learning retention. 


The training was a blend of exercises, tutorials, self-learning, activities and role-plays.  The training method was through various mediums, including face-to-face, online, handout materials, video and exercises. 

Delegates Comments

“It was practical and helpful with enough input around theory and background- good balance, great pair facilitators and well-structured course” “Excellent insights into their experiences, not just about telling someone about a model. Found experiences and insight invaluable together with the right balance of front loading and trying for yourself.”

Content Day 1

Purpose Features and Benefits of Coaching

(Why Coach)

Roles and responsibilities

(What a Coach does)

Behaviours and Characteristics (building rapport, intuition, ask questions, listening)

(How a Coach does it)

Introducing TGROW

(Getting familiar with the model)




Small Business Support


We were recruited to support an Executive Leaving a large organisation to start up his own business. As an accountability partner coach and business consultant. 


Our approach was to start with personal mindset coaching and ensure that the client had all the development tools they needed to think big, overcome their negative self-talk, negotiate for what they want, create a business plan for success. 

Our approach

We designed an alliance to work together on a weekly basis initially whilst we built trust then move to fortnightly. 

We managed accountability through an excel spreadsheet which enabled the client to measure his progress as he completed tasks, provided support on what systems were available to enhance their progress such as Trello boards and Tu Calendi and operational structure. 

Together we designed the company mission, vision and values and the working strategy in the overall three-year plan. 

We also identified milestones for celebrating success, turnover, staff recruitment, office space and company branding. 


Online Webinars 

Executive Coaching gives you the 

tools needed to take you and your business from surviving to thriving 

Are you feeling frustrated and stuck with the results of your business? Don’t worry, and you’re not alone. In fact, 95% of business owners face the same six problems that lead to them feeling like they have hit the ceiling and aren’t achieving the growth they want.

“It’s time to take back control of your business in 2021

Time management 

Work/life balance

Leading people 

Getting promoted 


Managing feedback and praise

Overcoming fear 

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