Professional Certified Co-active Coaches with ICF Accreditation​​

  • We coach your team to be effective as a leader, challenging them to achieve the desired results consistently.

  • We provide an accountability partner not just for what they do but how leaders do it.

  • We help leaders establish their own inspirational leadership style.

  • Facilitate and encourage the team's motivation towards long-term success and maintain high levels of energy and purpose.

  • We help managers to get the best from their direct reports.

  • Teach them to be confident negotiators and coaches to lead authentically.

  • Tackle courageous conversations with ease.

  • Give and receive feedback and criticism constructively, overcoming their fears of taking on more responsibility.

We offer self-paced courses in Coach Skills, Manage disputes and a Confidence Bunde Program to enhance performance.

Inspiring leadership will come as a result of our leadership Program.   We offer a free coach match service and will have a chat to find the right coach for your Leaders. 



Do you want your teams fully engaged and giving that extra discretionary effort? 

You want your leaders to have a significant impact but they are finding the post covid environment a challenge.

Workplace coaching will help you equip your people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their roles.

To fully support your teams to:

  • Improve their empathetic leadership skills

  • Tackle underperformance

  • Stop wasting precious time.

  • Be effective during change.

  • Improve their own and their team's resilience.

  • They will acquire the skills, processes and knowledge needed to coach, removing the roadblocks to performance improvements and enhancing creativity. 

The course was successfully delivered in person, now we share our knowledge and experience online to enable you to send your Managers on the course Individually when needed.

We offer a corporate rate of £150 per manager with a minimum of 10 purchases and can provide codes for individual access. 

This program can also be delivered live in the Uk over two days. 

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To get meaningful results you need to clearly define the scope of your learning program: who needs to learn what by when.

  • We’ll help you identify and prioritise the critical skills your people need and develop bespoke learning experiences that enable them to excel in their roles. 

  • Our learning programs are carefully tailored for your teams. We’ll help you determine the ideal channels for delivery, develop the right content and build a program that accommodates any business constraints.

  • The program’s overall shape will be determined by you and delivered by us. 

  • With a balance of experiential and conceptual learning, and an optimal combination of visual presentations, interactive exercises and interpersonal discussion.

    We can also train your in-house trainers to ensure to develop your organisation’s muscles around the topic. 

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There has never been a more important time to give your team support.

We provide mentoring and coaching support giving your leaders the benefit of our thirty years in business. ​

  • We teach managers to share experiences rather than advice, to coach rather than to tell. 

  • ​To become more intentional with their time and strategy moving forward.

  • Working with a mentor, they will become more self-aware, become a positive role model for your team.

  • A mentor will help them see new perspectives and have more courageous conversations 

  • We share tools to improve their confidence and know-how. 

Mentoring will help your leaders get comfortable with change and adapt to being uncomfortable in some situations.
A mentor is an exceptionally good listener, confidant and will enhance the performance of your teams. 

As a mentor, we are able to maintain objectivity and fairness, show compassion. Build trust and relationships by giving everything we know, showing an interest and desire to provide one-on-one help and guidance towards reaching your potential as a business or organisation.